Baptism signifies a person's identification with Jesus Christ's death, burial, and resurrection.


We practice believer's baptism by immersion.

Common questions about Baptism:

Does being baptized guarantee me eternal life?
No. Baptism is commanded of all believers (Acts 2:38), but baptism is not in any way associated with earning eternal life. Baptism is not a means of faith but is an expression of faith. We believe eternal life is by faith, not by works, including baptism. (Eph 2:8-9; Rom 6:3-4)

I was baptized as an infant. Do I need to be baptized again?
Yes. If you were baptized as an infant and are not professing faith in Christ as your Savior, you should be baptized again as an expression of your faith.

I was baptized at another church. Do I need to be baptized again at Firewheel?
No. If you were baptized at another church and were a believer at the time, you do not need to be baptized again.

Where is your baptismal?
We own a baptismal that is portable to any location and we also have held baptism services at an area water park.

How often do you do baptisms?
We offer baptisms as often as needed.

Interested in being baptized? Fill out this form and once you submit it, Pastor Chris will be in touch to answer any questions and confirm that this is the best next step in your walk with Christ.