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The Good Compassionate Shepherd

June 19, 2022 Speaker: Kevin Davis Series: The Book of Matthew - The King Has Come

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: Matthew 12

  1. Have you ever pointed out when someone was “breaking the rules”? What was your motivation? Did it benefit the other person?




  1. How did the Pharisees respond to Jesus’ words in verse 12? (Read Luke 6:11) Have you ever been filled with rage when confronted with absolute truth? What kind of decisions do we make when filled with rage?





  1. When quoting from the prophet Isaiah in verses 18-21, Jesus is making it clear that the Gentiles can have hope in Jesus; that His message is for them as well as for the Jews. Do you ever struggle with how God could love “that person”? How should we respond to this struggle?





  1. The Pharisees continued to reject Jesus and the Messiah despite the miraculous healings they witnessed. Why do people see the miracles of God and still refuse to believe? What role do we play in that? 


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