Not Just Another Use Agreement - Matthew 8:14-22

March 20, 2022 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: The Book of Matthew - The King Has Come

Topic: Christian Life Passage: Matthew 8:14–8:22

Read through Matthew 8:14-22 and then answer the questions below.

1. What is the only appropriate response to the healing of Jesus that we
experience in our lives? (Matt 8:14-15)

When are we most like our Savior? _________________

2. Some believe, and teach, that through faith in Jesus we can experience
healing from every sickness and disease we may face today. While we may
experience times of physical healing in this life, what is the real healing we
experience in Jesus, and how can that hope shape the way we face suffering
today? (Matt 8:17; Isa 53:4-6; 2 Cor 4:16-18)

3. How did Jesus respond to the scribes radical declaration, “Teacher, I will
follow you wherever you go?” What would following Jesus possibly mean for the
man? Was he willing to sign the user agreement?

4. The second man who approached Jesus was willing to follow Jesus, but just
not now. What was the excuse that he gave, and how did Jesus respond? When
Jesus gave the same order to Peter, Andrew, James and John in Matt 4:18-22
how did they respond?

5. What are the terms stated in the “user agreement” found in Matthew 16:24-28,
are you willing to sign?

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