Making Jesus Marvel - The Gospel of Matthew

March 13, 2022 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: The Book of Matthew - The King Has Come

Topic: Christian Life Passage: Matthew 8:5–8:13

Read through Matthew 8:5-13 and then answer the questions below.


1. What are three purposes for the miracles of Jesus?


To demonstrate Jesus’ ­_________ for the sufferer. (Matt 9:36)

To demonstrate Jesus’ _________ and ________ as the Son of God.

To increase the ________ of those who observe/experience the miracle.


2. Where should our faith take us when we are in crisis? How does the centurion give us a humble example to follow? (Matt 8:5-8a)



3. Why does the centurion’s faith and understanding of authority make Jesus marvel? (Matt 8:8b-10)




  1. Where does true faith lead us to? What happens for eternity if we refuse to place our faith in Jesus? (Matt 8:11-12)





  1. What is the outcome of the centurion’s prayer of faith? How does that inspire you as you pray and seek Jesus? (Matt 8:6, :13)


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