Keep Asking, Seeking and Knocking - Matthew 7:6-12

February 6, 2022 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: The Book of Matthew - The King Has Come

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: Matthew 7:6–7:12

discussion questions:


Read through Matthew 7:6-12 and then answer the questions below.


  1. Who are the people that Jesus is referring to when He speaks of “dogs and pigs?” How can they be dangerous to our spiritual life? (Mathew 7:6)




  1. What are some of the Holy and Sacred things (pearls) in your life? Share some of your pearls with each other. (Don’t trample them!)




  1. Describe how the Golden-Rule can help shape the way you interact with others? (Matt 7:12)




  1. What does it mean to “Ask, Seek and Knock,” and what are the three assurances when we do? (Matt 7:7-8)




  1. How does an earthly parent model (imperfectly) the provision of our Father in Heaven? (Matthew 7:9-10) What are some of the “good things” that our Father in Heaven gives us? (Matthew 7:11)



  1. What are we supposed to ask our Father in Heaven for? (Hint…Everything)

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