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May 22, 2016 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: Messy. Broken. Real.

Topic: Christian Life Passage: Matthew 25:13–25:30

Discussion Questions:
1. Make some general observations from the text. What are some of the main concepts that are presented in the passage?

2. In the passage there is a master and three servants. Discuss what each servant was entrusted with and why.

3. In the sermon Pastor Chris demonstrated that the financial resources delegated to each servant are really representative of the resources that Jesus delegates to each one of us. Discuss some of the valuable resources that God has delegated to you.

4. Based upon the passage, what does Jesus intend for us to do with the resources we have been entrusted?

5. The first two servants were commended for their faithfulness, and heard the wonderful words “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Discuss among your group what those words mean to you. Do you want to hear those words when you enter into heaven? Why?

6. In the message Pastor Chris stated that God delegates more and more to us based upon our faithfulness with what we have right now. What are some ways that you can practically leverage what you currently possess more and more for kingdom purposes?

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