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May 8, 2016 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: Messy. Broken. Real.

Topic: Community Passage: Acts 2:42–2:47

Discussion Questions:

1. In the sermon pastor Chris stated that it is difficult at time to prioritize the spiritual life. What are some things that seem to get in the way?

2. It seems that if we try to “staple” the spiritual life (reading the Bible, praying, fellowship…etc.) onto the already overloaded stack of our schedules and priorities, what tends to happen to the spiritual life?

3. What are some ways to practically prioritize the spiritual life?

4. In Acts, the early believers engaged in some very unique and distinct things. In fact, the Bible states that they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, the fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer, meeting together in the temple, and meeting together in homes. Describe how we can practically live out some of these unique and distinct aspects of the spiritual life (i.e. Christ-Centered Community)

5. Share from Acts 2:42-47 some of the things that were flowing out of the lives that were growing. What “fruit” do you observe?

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