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April 10, 2016 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: Messy. Broken. Real.

Passage: Matthew 16:13–20, Acts 1:8, Matthew 28:18–20

1. Why is a vision and mission so important to an organization?

2. In the Sermon Pastor Chris talked about Jason’s Deli, what sets them apart? Can you think of any organizations that are really well run? Compare them to organizations that are poorly run, what are the differences? (Think about work place moral, type of employees you encounter, talk about training or lack thereof – Compare Macy’s and Walmart.)

3. Where SHOULD the church derive its vision and mission from? Share some of the ways that churches can get distracted from the “main thing.”

4. If we were to boil down our mission as a church to one simple statement it is to make _____________.

5. Discuss the mission of Firewheel Bible Fellowship. How does someone who is Un-Churched, De-Churched, or Badly Churched become Revolutionary Christ-Centered community?
The mission Firewheel Bible Fellowship is to develop Un-churched, De-churched, and Badly Churched people into a revolutionary Christ-Centered community.

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