March 13, 2016 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: Passion Led Him

Topic: Easter Passage: Matthew 16:21–16:26, Luke 16:19–16:31

Discussion Questions:

1. Suffering is a part of living on earth, and we often look for ways to escape suffering, but during the message Pastor Chris stated that “Beautiful things can come out of suffering.” Describe some of those beautiful things.

2. What hope do we have beyond our suffering?

3. How can God use suffering to bring life?

4. Jesus stated 4 specific things in Mt 16:21. Look at each statement and discuss the significance of each.

5. Jesus strongly stated that those who follow Jesus must be willing to deny themselves take up a cross and follow Him…honestly that sounds a little painful. I personally like comfort, provision and security. How can we reconcile our deeply held wants and desires with the sacrificial call to lay it all down and follow Jesus?