Exegeting the Heavens

November 1, 2015 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: Cultivate

Topic: Heaven Passage: Genesis 1:1–1:31, Psalm 19:1–19:6, Psalm 8:3–9:4, Romans 1:18–1:23

Discussion Questions:

1. Do you have any memorable experiences from spending time in God’s creation? Beautiful places you have been? Places where you were awed by the creation? Take opportunity to share some of those stories.

2. In the message Pastor Chris described the first book of theology that every person encounters from birth. Describe that book and what it says about God.

3. Is the revelation of creation enough to provide an intimate lifesaving relationship with God? Why or why not?

4. Psalm 19:1-6 tells us that God’s creation is daily speaking, specifically the heavens, sun, stars etc. What message is God declaring to humanity through creation?

5. If the revelation of creation not enough to save a person, then why in Romans 1:18-23 does it appear that the revelation of creation is enough to condemn a person? Describe how some people respond to creation. If a person rejects the revelation of creation will they receive the specific revelation of God through His word?

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