Seed and Soil Part 2

October 11, 2015 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: Cultivate

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: Matthew 13:1–13:9, Matthew 13:18–13:23

Discussion Questions:

1. In the service pastor Chris presented four different types of soil (hard path, rocky, weeds and thorns, and good soil). After one week which soil actually began to produce good fruit?

2. Take opportunity to review Matthew 13:18-23. Discuss in your group the different types of soils and how each one responded to the “seed” of God’s word.

3. In the sermon pastor Chris quoted J. Vernon McGee who made the statement that the three different soils that produced no fruit are not describing three different types of Christians, but really those who are not Christian at all. Discuss this in your group.

4. The good soil is described as a good heart that produce multiplied fruit based upon its capacity. Galatians 5:22-24 was referenced in relation to true spiritual fruit. Discuss the fruits of the Spirit and how it relates to our discussion of being cultivated.

5. How can soil that is best described as hard, rocky, or full of weeds and thorns be made new? (Hint Ezekiel 36:25-26)

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