Loving those we love to hate

September 20, 2015 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: Unleashed

Topic: Relationships Passage: Matthew 5:43–5:48, Luke 6:27–6:36

Discussion Questions:

1. Describe and discuss those people in your life that are hard to love (this is not a time for gossip; when possible, don’t reference anyone by name). This is simply an exercise to demonstrate that we all have people in our lives that are hard to love.

2. Describe what makes loving an enemy, or someone you dislike, hard. Why would Jesus command us to love our enemies?

3. Pastor Chris provided 5 biblical reasons as to why we should love our enemies all found in the passages listed above. Discuss those reasons (We are commanded to, It creates a contrast, Compensation, Character of God, Christ).

4. Describe how God the Father treats you (i.e. Are you blessed?). Do you deserve His blessings? How does loving people who don’t deserve it reflect the heart of God?

5. If there are specific people you are struggling to love take opportunity to pray for them, and if you feel led, find opportunity to tangibly love them (especially if they are in your family/church).

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