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Reaching the Burbs

May 31, 2015 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: iConnect

Topic: Community Passage: Romans 10:13–10:15, Matthew 28:16–28:20, Acts 1:8

Discussion Questions:

1. Discuss some of the fears that are often associated with sharing the gospel. Discuss some characteristics of evangelism and how they can actually turn people off to the gospel. Do those characteristics and potential perils exempt us from sharing the gospel?


2. Discuss the “name” of Jesus. In the message pastor Chris spent a good amount of time discussing the name of Jesus. What stuck out in your mind from that discussion? When you need a Savior who do you call on? How will you know who to call on?


3. Discuss the role of authority and power when it comes to sharing the life-saving message of Jesus Christ (The Bible declares that we have both). We have the authority and power to share the message worldwide.


4. Often people will associate the “Great Commission” with worldwide evangelism. Discuss how it can be practically lived out where we live/work/play/go to school etc.


5. Discuss this statement: Preach the gospel at all times. Use words if necessary. How can the statement be beneficial? How can this statement actually hinder the “declaration” of the gospel?

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