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May 24, 2015 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: iConnect

Topic: Worship Passage: Mark 12:30, John 4:20–24, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Romans 12:1

Discussion Questions:

1. Discuss the church culture definition of worship. Where does that worship take place? What does it typically involve? Describe what some define as “good” worship vs. “bad” worship.

2. How does the biblical definition of worship compare to the cultural definition of worship? Who are we supposed to worship? How are we supposed to worship? What is worship?

3. Matthew 22:37 tells us to love God with all of our hearts, with all of our souls, with all of our minds, and with all of our strength (Mark 12:30). How does a person live that out in practical day to day living?

4. 1 Corinthians 10:31 tells us to do everything that we do to the glory of God. Discuss how you can practically and daily live that out. What role does scripture reading, prayer, journaling, listening to Christian music, and other Christ-centered activities play in bringing about daily worship?

5. Romans 12:1 tells us to lay our lives down as living sacrifices which is an act of worship. What does it mean to lay our life down as a living sacrifice? Is this something that we do daily? Someone has said that the problem with a living sacrifice is that they can get up off the altar, discuss that statement.

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