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Jesus' Life Group

April 26, 2015 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: iConnect

Topic: Community Passage: Matthew 11:28–11:30, Matthew 4:18–4:22, Matthew 22:35–22:40, Matthew 28:18–28:20

The call to salvation and discipleship - Matthew 11:28-30

The specific call of the disciples - Matthew 4:18-22 

The two great commandments - Matthew 22:35-40

The great commission - Matthew 28:18-20


Discussion Questions:

1. Briefly describe when you felt the call of God in your life to receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Briefly describe your salvation story and what brought you to Firewheel Bible Fellowship?

2. When you received Christ as your savior you effectively came to Him when He called and He removed the burden and weight of sin from your soul. Now describe the call to discipleship (as described in the sermon and Matthew 11:29-30). Have you ever felt like you wanted to grow more in your faith? How might a Life Group be a part of that process of growth and discipleship?

3. Jesus staked His entire movement and the future of the church on the foundation of 12 disciples, who were essentially His life group. Briefly describe the different disciples, and practically discuss how Jesus used the small group environment to grow them into who they would become.

4. In the message, Pastor Chris introduced two commands and one commission that serve as the foundation of our ministry at Firewheel. Take opportunity to discuss both passages (provided in the “Looking In” section). What does it look like to practically love God? How can loving our neighbor as ourselves be lived out practically in a Life Group?

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