April 19, 2015 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: iConnect

Topic: Community Passage: Genesis 11:1–11:9, Acts 2:1–2:11, Acts 2:42–2:47

Discussion Questions:

1. Discuss some of the consequences that humanity experienced because of Adam and Eve’s sin (Genesis 3:7-8). What two relationships were dramatically changed and impacted? Discuss how these relationships were further impacted at Babel (Genesis 11).

2. How did Pentecost and the arrival of the Holy Spirit restore what had taken place in the garden and at Babel? The birth of the church brought restoration to two primary relationships. Discuss those relationships and how they were impacted.

3. Take opportunity to discuss culture as a whole. Are we a connected culture, or are we isolated? What has brought about our cultural condition? In your opinion, in what way does the church offer satisfaction for humanity’s greatest need, which is the connection with God and with one another?

4. The early church met in the temple as well as house to house. Discuss how that can be a model for the 21st century church. What is the purpose of gathering together as a church on Sunday? (Worship/scripture/connection with God etc.) What is the purpose of meeting in Life Groups? Why is it important to meet together in homes?

5. Discuss this quote:
“…transparency is hardly the hallmark of most churches. So much so that for most people, the stereotype of a church is a place with lots of plastic smiles. Small groups can change that, because by their nature and structure, they naturally foster greater honesty and transparency. Their location, size, and makeup are much more conducive to authenticity than any sanctuary or Sunday school class can ever hope to be. Just think about it. Where would you be more likely to be open and honest? In a living room or classroom? With twelve people or twenty-five people? In a group where there’s always a new face, or a group where you already know everyone? For most of us, the answers would be the living room, the group of twelve, and the group where we know everyone. The small group setting wins hands down.”    Larry Osborne Sticky Church

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