The Preparation

March 8, 2015 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: The Shadow of Golgotha

Topic: Jesus Passage: Exodus 19:4–19:6, Matthew 26:1–26:16

Discussion Questions:

1. Compare and contrast the record of Passover in Exodus 12, and the Passover of Matthew 26-28. How is Christ the ultimate fulfillment of Passover? How does the “salvation” of Israel out of Egypt relate to the “salvation” of the Christian through Christ out of sin and death? (ie. both groups were in bondage, God would have to save them etc.)

2. Why is it important for us to understand that Christ was not a helpless victim of religious treachery and political pressure? In other words, who was really in control? Did any of the events of Passion Week take Christ by surprise? Who was really responsible for putting Christ to death? (The answer is so important I will provide it. It was the Father’s will to put Christ to death, and it was Christ who freely gave His life. How does that impact your worship and appreciation of God? – He did it for you!)

3. Describe how Mary’s worship contrasts with the scheming and plotting of the religious elite and the treachery of Judas Iscariot. In practical terms, how can we worship Jesus in similar fashion to that of Mary? What does costly worship look like today?

4. How does our faith and worship of Christ contrast or cause conflict with the culture? Have you ever faced any criticism for worshipping Jesus by the culture (whether family/co-worker/neighbor etc.)? How can you respond in a way that honors Christ and encourages the culture?

5. What steps can you take to better prepare for Easter? What barriers are up between you and Christ? Are there any issues (hurts/habits/or hang ups) that are keeping you from more intimately connecting with Christ in this season? How can being in authentic community help address some of those issues?

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