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The Shadow of Sinai

March 1, 2015 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: Back to the Exodus

Topic: God's People Passage: Exodus 19:4–19:6, Exodus 19:16–19:20

Discussion Questions:

1. AW Tozer writes, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” Discuss this statement. How does a high view of God or a low view of God impact how you live your life, approach the bible, and interact with God and others in the church? What comes to mind when you think about God?

2. Israel was saved by God and called to be a Kingdom of priests and a holy nation. Discuss how that particular calling is also applicable to us as Christians today. Pastor Chris made the statement that Israel was called to be more than just saved. How are we supposed to live in view of our salvation? (Please speak in personal terms…not in ways that are telling “others” how to live)

3. Describe how God manifested His presence at Mt. Sinai. Why did God reveal Himself in this way? What was intended to invoke in those who were present? What is intended to invoke in us?

4. Now contrast how God manifested His presence in His incarnation (Christ - God in Human flesh born to the Virgin Mary). Why did God come this way? Contrast Mt. Sinai with the hill of Golgotha where Christ was crucified. Contrast the morning of the third day at Sinai and the morning of the third day when Christ rose.

5. Moses drew near, while others pulled back and stood far off. In view of what happened at Sinai, we can understand the people’s reaction. Through Christ we have all been invited to draw near. What keeps us from coming to the throne of Grace? And when we come to the throne what type of posture should we take, proud or humble, self-focused or worshipful?

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