Burden Bearers

February 22, 2015 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: Back to the Exodus

Topic: Leadership Passage: Exodus 18:17–18:22, Acts 6:1–6:7

Discussion Questions:

1. In the message this week we saw Jethro deliver some pretty difficult words for any leader to hear. Place yourself in Moses’ shoes: How would you respond if a person told you that the burden you are attempting to lift is too heavy and you need help in the from other people? Would you be inclined to implement the advice or continue trying to lift the burden?

2. Dwight Moody renowned pastor, evangelist, teacher and scholar of the 19th century was often quoted as saying that he would rather put a thousand men to work than do the work of a thousand men. What was Dwight Moody attempting to communicate? How does giving work away create a better organization?

3. Describe your view of leadership in the church. Who should be shouldered with the work of the ministry? If only a few carry the load what might be the consequences?

4. Discuss the concepts of ability, godly character, trustworthiness, and availability as it relates to leadership in the church. How important are these qualities when it comes to leaders in children’s/students/and adult ministry in the church?

5. How can the church better equip the congregation for leadership? Discuss what types of leadership opportunities are available in the church. How can serving in a leadership role at Firewheel make you a better leader in other environments (ie. home/office/community)?

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