Rest Part 4

November 23, 2014 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: re: Rest

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: Isaiah 55:1–55:3a, Matthew 11:28–11:30

Discussion Questions:

1. In the passages discussed on Sunday our spiritual needs are described in terms like hunger and thirst, labor and weariness. Why do you think these concepts are used by God to convey our spiritual needs?


2. If Jesus is what satisfies our souls and provides true meaning to our lives, why do we spend so much of our life pursuing other things?


3. In the message Chris mentioned four principles drawn from the history of Israel and their vain attempts to find satisfaction. Do you see any parallels between this list and our culture?

  • Engaging in constant sexual activity never finding satisfaction.
  • Gathering large amounts of resources yet never actually enjoying or finding satisfaction in them.
  • Planting abundantly yet harvesting very little.
  • Surrounded by banquets and the fat of the finest animals, yet remaining malnourished.


4. We often sing songs/pray prayers where we invite Jesus to come to us, in view of what we studied on Sunday, how might we change our approach?


5. Give some practical examples of how you can come to Christ (starting with salvation) continually throughout your life. What might it look like to take Christ’ yoke on your shoulders and walk with Him daily? How would this provide rest for your soul?

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