Do Not Judge

October 5, 2014 Speaker: Chris Carroll Series: One Another

Topic: Community Passage: Matthew 7:1–7:5, Romans 14:4–14:5

Discussion Questions:

1. Why, in your opinion, is a judgmental and critical spirit so detrimental to the health of Christian community?

2. According to Jesus, what are the consequences when we judge and measure each other’s lives according to a judgmental and critical spirit?

3. What are some practical ideas of how to approach a brother or sister in Christ who is
struggling with a particular issue? How can we be helpful?

4. What are some areas that are disputable in nature but can also become very divisive? (In the sermon pastor Chris mentioned alcohol, music, food, styles of worship; can you think of any others?) How can we provide an environment that accommodates differences and provides room for different expressions of the same faith?

5. What are some ways that we can be more understanding of another person’s shortcomings and failures? How does grace create an environment that promotes wholeness?

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